One Day Trip To Estonia

It was month of January I was in Helsinki for some office work. One weekend I planned to go to Tallinn with one of my colleague/friend. We searched cheap cruise package and got for €18 per person which includes trip from Helsinki to Tallinn and return. It is a 2:30-3:00 hours of journey and have many time slots and you can choose as per your convenience. So we booked for Saturday morning and return was at 6 O’Clock evening.

We started our journey early morning from Helsinki Central toward Helsinki West Terminal(harbor) via tram. The sky was looking mesmerizing. It was approximately 7 in the morning and freezing breeze with this amazing view will make any one astonished.

Then we reach to the dock where the cruise Finlandia was waiting. Though we collected our boarding pass one day before so we didn’t had to stood in queue.

We headed towards boarding and after passport check we get get into the cruise. It was damn good. It has many decks that I actually forget the count. The cruise has a shopping center, a cafeteria, a wine shop even rooms with beds. But the most beautiful place was the deck.

view from deck

We started following the crowd and a after a little help from google maps we started exploring the places. It was chilling and though was the top point and sea side it was deadly cold and the winds were making it more difficult.

After hoping out for sometime we were very hungry so went to a cafe and it was amazing. I ordered a chicken pie and I still remember the taste. It was very delicious. After having food we again started to explore the old city of Tallinn.

Top view of the city landscape

We keep on roaming for the whole day and captured lots of scenic beauty. Than we went to the city mall and while returning toward the dock we had a some burgers at McDonald’s. We also experienced the evening view of Tallinn. We bought lots of souvenirs from the market. Let me also tell you, booze are really cheaper there so people buy a lot from there to Helsinki. You can see people are carrying big boxes full of liquor from there. And at last we get back to the cruise and we were so tired that we didn’t knew when reached back to Helsinki. It was a long tiring day but had lot of fun.

The sun rising from the sea will make you feel like sitting all day on the deck but the freezing negative temperature with cold chilling winds will force you to get inside after some time. That was a mixed experience.

You can also sit in the cafe and enjoy the buffet breakfast(if included in package), you can sit anywhere or can explore the ship. There is lot of thing you can do even it has a gaming parlor and a bar too. I took a long nap sitting at the cafeteria and finally we reached Tallinn. Than we headed outside the cruise and picked one city map while getting out of the dock.

Chicken Pie

We visited almost each and every view point there and collected so many pictures. The city looks beautiful from the top. You can see the whole city from this point.


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